Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcome To Our Blog

Hı! We are Kate and Grace, two Maher sısters that have a passıon and love for books and everythıng book-related! We decıded to set up thıs blog one day, whılst on a Turkısh beach enjoyıng the sun and dıscussıng our favourıte books we had just fınıshed readıng for the mıllıonth tıme that holıday. (we must have brought a suıtcase full!) We hope you enjoy our blog, that ıs full of our vıews, recommendatıons and sımply books we love, ın the hope we can ınspıre you to read the books we also have read for you.

Crazy Kate:
HI viewers! I am 13 years old, I am called Kate and I am a violinist, pianist, dancer and book lover! I enjoy books with a little bit of action and parts that sometimes scare me stiff! I much prefer books that are from the view point of a character, and preferably from a viewpoint of a teenage girl, someone I can relate to! I love Nutella, hot chocolate on a cold day, vintage cafes and warm jumpers.

Groovy Grace:
Hello there! I am Grace an 11 year old girl and also a singer, drama student, pianist and most of all a book lover! I love books that can take me out of reality and are also full of adventure. I love my black Labrador dog, Oscar who I sometimes try to teach tricks to. I also love all the viewers who love books too and will read all the reviews.