Action Adventure


           Frozen In Time       By Ali Sparkes

Recommended Age:
 9 =   a few tricky words but overall easy to grasp also can get a little scary.
10 =  some of the tricky words you will be able to understand, a little scary.
11 =  a fairly average read for stronger readers, a little bit scary
12-13 = an average read, easy going and an overall fun and action filled read.


                                                      Point of View From Grace

I found this exhilarating book exciting and tense in places, with a few scary parts which left me wanting more. If you love adventure like me this is your perfect book. A few tricky words, but you will still be able to get the grasp of it, don't be put of by this, you do not want to miss out on this truly amazing book! Very strong characters that everyone will love and different personalities that you may be able to relate to. A fun-filled action packed story including characters from 2 completely different years.


  5 out of 5

                                                        Point Of View From Kate

I found this book easy going and a good read for when you fancy a lighter version of an action book. For less confident readers aged 13-14 it is perfect, as it can challenge you and has comedic and tense areas to the book. The characters are easy relatable which makes the book easier to read to the end, and is definitely one of my favourite books as I have now read it 4 times, however I did not like parts that I felt were un necessary and the mystery involved would have been better with a few more clues, as I felt the urge to work it all out.


  4 out of 5

Big Blue Train

This is a review by our 6 year old cousin, Joseph

How it makes me feel?

happy because it teaches you 'happy' stuff  like kindness 

Basic plot

Ben and Bella have a big blue train they're riding to a party, as they go see many exciting animals all of which join them on their big blue train to the party but when something happens along the way will they make it to the party after all...

What did we learn?

I learned some new animals

Age Guidence

I think you should be 6 to read it all by yourself
but any age under 6 will understand if parent reads it to them

My Favourite Character 

Puppy dog, because he's so cute! 

By Joseph Makepeace, age 6


The Last Wild 
by Grace Maher

Age rating 8 and upwards but still a great read for teens

This book has to be the BEST book I have read in my whole life! and is now my favourite (no exaggeration) probably because there are some very exciting characters, and animals! you fell like you can grow so close to the Great Stag and the girl ,Polly which is  probably my favourite character but not forgetting,of course, the main character Kester who is a mysterious character at first but you then get to know him.I love all the wonderful personalities the author has come up with for all the animals . This book has intense moments, happy moments and moments that make you think a lot about what is going to happen... 

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