The Chocolate Box Girls

Cherry Crush by Cathy Cassidy.

Review by Grace

Age: 9 to 12 a really good read.
        Younger than this may find it tricky to understand the different situations.

I really found this an enjoyable read, as its the first book of this fantastic series. Each book in this series is named after a chocolate and a girl in the Tanberry family. Cherry is a new stepsister in this book. This book is about romance and new beginnnings for Cherry and she hopes to give a great first impression, but can she keep her mouth shut in order to keep the secrets of the different Tanberry sisters? And with a new boy in her life named Shay Fletcher, can she keep away when her step sister Honey is going out with him? Overall this is a truly thrilling and exciting read for anyone aged 9 to 12.

Fact File:

cherry Costello is...

always on the outside.
She sometimes finds it hard to separate truth from fiction.

aged 13

Looks: small, slim, coffee coloured skin, straight dark hair with a fringe often worn in little bunches.

Style: bright skinny jeans, T-Shirts, anything with a japanese theme.

Loves: dreaming, storie,s cherry blossom, urn-bru, gypsy caravans.

Prize Posessions: Kimono, parasol, japanese fan, photo of her mum from long ago.

Dreams: of being part of a family.

Every review i do on each sister, will contain a fact file of each.

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